Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ajman proposing property visa changes.

They've left it a mystifyingly long time but Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency has asked for changes to the federal property visa regulations. They're the first official body to do so and I hope the others follow their lead without delay.

The new regulations were announced back in May, when I posted about the aspects which needed revision. Others said much the same thing because the mistakes were blindingly obvious.

ARRA has come to much the same conclusions because they're proposing changes to the same unfair clauses.

They're the minimum price of Dh1 million, the minimum salary (anywhere in the world) of Dh10,000 a month and the requirement to leave the country every six months.

I also disagree with the fundamental structure of the visa, that it's just a six month visit visa. It should be a standard three year residence visa in my opinion.

Here's hoping the other emirates' authorities join the call for revisions and that the feds listen to them.

It's really very simple. It should be a standard residence visa and the law should be equally fair to all owners.

EmBiz247 has the story here.

They also have a more detailed report which suggests that ARRA has given it more thought than went into the original law. That story is here.


Grumpy Goat said...

Oh, a 'Clarification'! Why am I not surprised?

Alireza said...
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Keefieboy said...

You know, as my time in the UAE fades into distant memory, when I read stuff like this I realise what an insane little country it really is. And yet when I lived there, this kind of thing would have barely raised an eyebrow.