Monday, October 19, 2009

Here's something I miss...

"A MOTHER humback whale and her calf were spotted frolicking off the coast of Terrigal and Avoca Beach on Wednesday as they made their journey south."

Photo: Matt Lloyd, Express Advocate

Each year the whales cruise past Terrigal, our hometown, heading north and then later coming back south.

The local radio always announces when whales are in the area but we often just spotted them when we were sitting on our balcony. Here's the view from our balcony, which has a clear view across the bay:

The whales are easy to see through the binoculars but a quick drive down to the rock platform gives an amazingly close-up sighting of them.

It's some sight.

I found the story here.


ZeTallGerman said...

Seabee, that whale isn't "frolicking". Can't you tell? It's STRUGGLING to swim and needs to be hunted-down by some local fishermen and then sold to an aquarium at a shopping mall or 5-star resort... Sorry, did I say "hunted?"... I meant to say "Rescued" of course.
BTW, thanks for this heart-warming story, though :-)

Seabee said...

In Oz a combination of laws and public opinion wouldn't allow the kind of 'rescue' they get away with here.

Adriana said...

what a great shot you guys have from your balcony in Oz, it's panoramic. Very beautiful

Seabee said...

Adriana, that's the main reason we bought the house. It's far enough back from the beach (600 metres) to avoid the weekend & holiday tourists but still gives us the view.

I'm looking forward to going back to it.