Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yet more vehicle fires.

I've repeated myself on this subject many times and I'm going to do it again because there's yet another example of vehicles bursting into flames in a crash.

The latest is a terrible crash in Sharjah which killed two people and injured thirty three more.

Of the bus and three other vehicles involved the bus and two other vehicles burst into flames.

Photo. S. Kumar in Gulf News

What I keep asking is why do so many vehicles here burst into flames?

There are plenty of crashes in other countries, including high speed crashes on motorways, but they rarely result in fires.

I can think of no other reason than that our vehicle safety standards are nowhere near where they should be.

Gulf News has the full story here.


ZeTallGerman said...

a friend of mine who works in the car industry told me last night that he's often witnessed small, cheap car repair workshops cleaning car interiors with petrol to remove stains... could that be a factor? I mean, it can't be safe to have the interior of your car soaked with a flammable liquid...

Seabee said...

That certainly wouldn't help with safety would it!

Anonymous said...

Last month.. I had a very bad car accident that involved my car to hit a lamp post on Emirates Road. the engine immediately caught fire and the flames started running out of it... thanks god I had a fire extinguisher and I put down the fire in seconds before the police arrive..

if I waited for the police car who came after 5 minutes... my car would have burned to ashes.

the cause of fire is that the hit came direct into the oil tank and with the heat of engine and metal crash it ignited a spark that started the fire from the engine

Seabee said...

I'm very pleased you're safe Naseem.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Seabee.. it was one hell of experience... my tire burst while driving at 140KM!!!

anyway my point to my last comment is... always keep a fire extinguisher in your car.

and a med-kit :)