Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another vehicle fire death

Yesterday I asked, yet again, why so many vehicles here burst into flames in crashes.

Today there's another vehicle fire death, also in Sharjah. This isn't a crash, it's an odd one.

The report about it in 'The National' begins:

A taxi driver died when his vehicle caught fire yesterday morning in the Al Khan district.

Attempts to save Syed Ali Shah, 45, a Pakistani, failed after his stationary taxi was engulfed in flames at about 11am, seven hours into his shift for Union Taxi.

An eyewitness said:

"...other taxi drivers had shouted the word for fire in Urdu, Arabic and English when they saw the flames...the fire was booming and people were shouting at the driver to get out."

A stationary vehicle bursts into flames, the driver doesn't get out.

The results of the police investigation will be interesting.

The report is here.


Anonymous said...

I think its because there are far more drivers here that drive at great speed. So accidents occur far more frequently, and some of those involve fire.

Zeeshan said...

It’s because the temperature in the UAE is extremely high. This causes the gaseous fumes in your tank to expand more than in other climates (Ever hear a prolonged hissing sound on a hot day, u open your gas tank to refill? Those are petrol fumes escaping). During an accident, those gaseous vapors catch fire more easily.

Anonymous said...

by the way. investigation revealed... that the Taxi driver was murdered and two guys set his car on fire to hide the evidence .

I have read this on the Emirates Today arabic version two days ago.

Seabee said...

Naseem, thanks for that. It did sound strange from the original report.