Sunday, August 02, 2009

Magic & monsters

To brighten up a gloomy day (see previous post) we have a continuation of reports of magic and monsters.

The National has a story on each this morning.

The magic story is that two magicians have been offering to double people's money by using magic powder.

Sadly the powder wasn't magic really and it was nothing but a con.

According to police "a massive number of people, not some, lost money to them. They swindled one person out of Dh6 million (US$1.6m)"...with most of the victims - inevitably - coming from the northern emirates.

The CID mounted a sting operation, the suspects offered to double an undercover cop's money using the magic powder and they're now in Al Slammer.

Laboratory tests showed that the powder consisted of flour and washing powder. How disappointing.

Then there's the monster story.

On Friday there were reports of panic on an EgyptAir Abu Dhabi to Cairo flight when a crocodile started wandering about the cabin.

Only a baby mind you, about 30cm long, but a crocodile is a crocodile and keeping a cool head is not an option when confronted by one, especially whan it's rampaging around an enclosed space.

Had there been residents of Ras Alkhaimah on board it would probably have been identified as a dragon.

However, now that the panic's subsided it's been identified as a common lizard and has shrunk down to 'between 15 and 30 cm'

Magic powder arrests.

Croc was a lizard.

I have some previous posts on this kind of thing here.

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Alzaabi said...


I think us RAKIANS can distinguish between a croc and a dragon. You know it's not only australians that know what a croc is ;)

Nice blog by the way