Thursday, March 12, 2009

So what is the population story?

Gulf News reports an address by the Director-General of Dubai Naturalisation & Residency Dept. to an American Business Council gathering, in which he quoted residency visa statistics.

The D-G said the official figures "...suggests a significant growth in population and that people coming to stay in Dubai outnumber those who are leaving the country by 50 per cent."

He gave the figures behind this as: "...DNRD has cancelled the residency visas of about 44,000 people during February and issued more than 66,000 residency visas in the same month."

As usual it would have been helpful if the 'journalists' had asked the obvious questions to clarify the figures. There are two blindingly obvious questions as far as I'm concerned.

One, were the 66,000 residency visas issued all for new arrivals or were some of them renewals? If it includes renewals, how many new visas were issued?

Two, what are the usual monthly cancellation/issuance figures for residence visas?

Gulf News report in full is here.


Anonymous said...

we are discussing the same topic in this thread

as you mentioned... its clearly renewal visas being counted as *new* issued visas nothing more...

The Spear said...

Yeah, the level of poor reporting in the UAE astounds me.

Dave said...

A question I would like to pose to Mr Director-General:-

"If a person leaves the country permanently without having their visa cancelled (absconds), is it correct that company PRO's cannot file cancellation paperwork for a minimum of 6 months thereafter???

Does this not thereby distort the number of cancellations that are actually occurring, and have occurred over the last 3-4 months Mr Director-General?? Hmmmmmm....."

ZeTallGerman said...

And of course we're forgetting another thing: "new visa issued" also apply to babies being born in the UAE...