Sunday, March 08, 2009

Oz has solutions too

The very irritating use of the word 'solutions' has taken root in Australia too, I noticed.

A word misused in a vague generic way which means absolutely nothing in the context in which it's used by the breathlessly trendy.

Like these:

They offer solutions to family law? What does that mean? If they mean they specialise in family law they should say so.

Traffic solutions? The solution is to put a barrier in the middle of the road?



Jman said...

il never use any thing that has the word "solutions" in it!


Media Junkie said...

trying to understand why it's so bad to use 'solutions'.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha ha....! I agree....its better if use " specialise in family law ".


Rahmat said...

Hi we've been living for 2 years in dubai now with one daughter who in may will turn 2, but we've never felt that this is the right country for us.
we've been thinking of moving to sydney for quite sometime now, but in your honest opinion which country do you think is better to live, work, and raise a family?


s.shankar said...

They probably want to give the idea of being a 'one stop shop': all sorts of your whatever problems can be addressed here, no exceptions. So should I call this post 'complete language interpretation solutions'?!!

Keefieboy said...

MEdia Junkie: it just is. It's the kind of meaningless waffle that plagues so much 'corporate communication' these days.

Seabee said...

MJ, it's bad marketing because it's meaningless jargon which doesn't tell prospective clients what the company is selling.

Seabee said...

Rahmat, Australia.

Anonymous said...

I have today had an email from "Strategic Solutions" in media city.

Can anyone guess what their business is?

No I thought not.

They're a PR company - in other words, specialists in meaningless jargon.

Perhaps they should call themselves, Meaningless Jargon Solutions, it would at least give a clue as to their line of work.

So far they have offered me no strategies and no solutions ...

Rahmat said...

thanks Seabee, and great blog by the way been reading it since i was in dubai