Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yet more bloody holescaping!

I keep on about it and I'm sure you're bored with the same old thing, but I have to let off steam.

It annoys the hell out of me.

We have more than enough construction work all around us from projects being built. Endless piles of sand, kilometres of red & white concrete barriers, plastic cones and flapping plastic.

On top of it is the endless digging up of completed work adding to the ugliness, the pollution, the inconvenience.

The same stretches dug up time after time after time.

DEWA is at it again around Phase 1 of Dubai Marina. It was finished, what, three years ago. But every few months when the landscaping re-establishes itself and is looking good, they dig it up again.

Here's a small part of it this morning:

And this is DEWA again.

There are master plans, they know how many buildings are going in, they know where they'll be built, they know they will need power and water. Why don't they put in at the beginning what is going to be needed in the future?

Every few months it's all dug up anew. Every time a new building gets under way the entire street is dug up. Then it's filled in, pavers put down, maybe the greenery gets established...until another building starts and the whole stretch comes up again.

Another posting of my endless complaint about the total lack of planning we have to endure.


Duffy said...

One thing that baffles me about Dubai. If they have a master plan, why is the infrastructure so inadequate? Pick any UAE blog and you'll hear about traffic and lack of parking. What gives?

Seabee said...

That's what we don't understand and why we complain all the time!

Keefieboy said...

When I first moved to Dubai, I lived in the 'Golden Sands' area of Bur Dubai. This was just a collection of buildings - no roads, pavements or street lights. About six years ago they finally put in the roads. Bizarre. Mind you, I've never found that 'planning' was something the locals were good at - inshallah?

Zafar said...

Enough money available, dont know where to spend, so lets make, dig & destroy and make it again.

But the above argument would make sense if the work generated is somehow creating job opportunity for locals strangely enough this does not, it creates job opportunities for expats only.

Anonymous said...

When I brought this topic up previously, the reponses against it were to the tune of

"we build and break and build because we are rich and you are not. Expats moaning about construction are just jealous we have the money to contruct, demolish and contruct again"