Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More great moments in the art of planning

It's peak traffic time, it's the road from Madinat Jumeirah to Interchange 4 on SZR - the one people use to avoid the Salik tollgate.

It was worse than ever this morning, jammed, frustration, impatience, traffic pushing in trying to change lanes and increasing the probability of a crash...

The cause? Someone thought peak traffic time was a good time to send the gardeners out with their big truck to collect the grass clippings.

Oh, well done!

And, as always, no advance warning of the hazard with the red flag man just a few feet in front of it.

In another example of what's considered giving adequate warning, I love the way they tie one or two cones to the back of the trucks and drag them along behind.

And a PS to yesterday's rant about the endless digging up of just-finished projects, here's another one in Dubai Marina.

Two years of construction with all the ugliness, pollution, inconvenience, diversions and finally it all comes good. The building is completed, the construction fence is removed, the pavers go down and the footpath is done. It all looks clean and neat and finished.

A few weeks later...

Yep, they're digging it up!

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Mars said...

yea, i hate the fact that i can never get any sleep after 6am because of the endless construction....i end up vibrating awake as the machines are about a few feet away from my window.