Thursday, May 08, 2008

The worst yet?

Here's what the press release says:

"Oqyana World First is the first and largest of all developers on The World with 22 islands and waterfront villas that form the shape of Australia and New Zealand islands.

It offers a diverse range of luxurious accommodation choices that suit different preferences, such as stylish apartments, waterfront homes, villas, canal homes, hotels and serviced apartments – all designed to ensure maximum exclusivity and privacy for residents and visitors."

Here's the artist's impression:

That is awful. Dreadful. Appalling.

The story is about a utilities island they're planning - an offshore industrial zone. It's here.


Duffy said...

"That is awful. Dreadful. Appalling." do you really feel? I hate when you beat around the bush I can't tell how you really feel. ;-)

Seabee said...

Duffy, I would have explained my feelings but I couldn't think of the words.

Mars said...

in what shape or form does it look like australia or new zealand?...i can bite into a sandwich that looks more like Oz than that.

dubaibilly said...

I agree with Mars, I can't quite see the Australia/New Zealand connection - perhaps I'm geographically challenged. As for the offshore industrial estate - I seem to remember when these islands were being planned that the government said they would not be providing any services - in which case, I guess you have to expect a lot more of these industrial estates to be developed 'cos someone has to provide fresh water, electricity, sewage treatment facilities, telecommunications etc 'cos, allegedly, it ain't gonna come from the mainland.

Seabee said...

I can't see Oz/NZ either. I've been wondering whether this is only one part of the project, or maybe from space it looks right.

It's sort-of, very loosely kind of a bit like Oz if you stretch your imagination. Well, with bits missing.

Duffy said...

I think it's label as Aus/NZ has more to do with their location on the "map" that they're making. That is, the above picture island is in the spot where Aus/NZ would be.

i*maginate said...

I want the villa with the good finishing. Yes, that one.

In fact, I might just buy a whole building and keep it empty for a while.

marlboro said...

i would appreciate that you would get the full story before you start saying AUFULL and Dreadfull.
you can visit the project website and read about the full components and design.
as far as the UTILITIES island.again if you took some more time to READ before saying your would have known that its not another industrial area.its an island that will host a small power plant,district cooling and desalination plant to service the island of OQYANA.

Seabee said...

Marlboro, and in turn I would appreciate if you didn't jump to incorrect conclusions based on ignorance of the facts.

In fact I have read the full story, visited the website, read the spin.

None of that is relevant to the fact that my opinion is that the design of the development is as I stated.