Sunday, May 04, 2008

Another reality check

We complain about the problems we face in Dubai, and rightly so. But too often I hear people making an unfavourable comparison, saying that it's so much worse than 'back home'.

As I've said before in these 'reality check' postings, that isn't true. They're looking back through rose tinted glasses. 'Back home' has many of the same problems, in fact they're often worse than here. And of course, there's the crime...

Here's another example.

'Back home' for me isn't a big city with all the usual big city problems, but the New South Wales Central Coast, a rural area of small seaside holiday towns and villages.

Here are six of the ten news items on the local newspaper's website from the Friday edition.

First, a favourite Dubai topic, traffic.

Clearway gets you nowhere

THOUSANDS of motorists are stuck twice daily in huge traffic jams as the closure of Woy Woy Rd causes gridlock each morning and evening peak period.

Motorists are reporting delays of more than one hour each way and even up to three hours as traffic banks up. They are being forced on to other already clogged alternative arterial roads.

Mum rows her boat to school

WHEN the road you use to drive your daughter to school collapses you put her in your boat.

Since Woy Woy Rd washed away at Bulls Hill last week, Irene Bakker, of Horsfield Bay, has rowed her daughter across Woy Woy Bay each day to school.

It is one of the many creative measures Horsfield Bay residents have employed to get around.

Then there's our other favourite topic of conversation in Dubai, accommodation costs. There are a couple of stories in the paper...

Bid to ease rental pain

THE cost of rent has soared 10 per cent across the Central Coast in the past year with vacancy rates the lowest in years.

Cut housing taxes

THE State Government must cut taxes which are pushing the cost of housing beyond people's reach, Terrigal State Liberal MP Chris Hartcher has said.

And something we don't often have to talk about in Dubai, crime - and especially violent crime.

Police investigating horrific stabbing

TUGGERAH Lakes police have refused to release details about a horrific stabbing at Shelly Beach on Wednesday.

A woman, 39, could lose her eye after she was stabbed in the head after an altercation in the car park about 1am.

League bans night games

WOY WOY and Umina Beach rugby league teams won't play each other on a Saturday night for the remainder of the season following a series of drunken brawls at matches.

Of course we should keep pointing out things in Dubai that could and should be improved. But if we make comparisons with other places we should at least be honest about the reality there.

The original stories.


dave said...

Good article seabee and I think you are right. Being an ex Toowoomba boy I think comparisons can be drawn between our 2 home environments. And this place (Dubai) for all its problems seems to be moving in the right direction, albeit not fast enough improvement for some people. The high inflation is genuine cause for concern though. In Oz I honestly believe that the quality of life has dipped somewhat over the last 5-10 years and it appears that crime figures also seem to support this from what is published in the Toowoomba Chronicle and Brisbane's Courier Mail.

Seabee said...

Yes Dave, high inflation is a major problem, it's something I've talked about several times in the past. It's not unique to this area though, the world, including Oz, is going through an inflationary cycle.

dubaibilly said...

I've just discovered your blog and sat laughing out loud (yes, really, not just LOLing). I think it's great and shall return on a more or less regular basis for more of the same.



Seabee said...

Thank you Billy, you're welcome any time.