Monday, May 05, 2008

The Big Boss is on the case.

There's no excuse that in the time entire communities can be built the infrastructure to support them isn't also built, instead of lagging years behind.

Think what's been achieved with communities such as Dubai Marina - the world's largest marina built in the desert, residential towers for perhaps a hundred thousand people, with very many living in them for more than two years already. There are shops, restaurants, a weekend market, landscaping - a bustling community of residents and visitors.

But the roads and bridges are still being built.

And that's just one of hundreds of communities being developed, all suffering the same infrastructure failings.

Fortunately it seems it isn't only we who think the infrastructure isn't going in fast enough.

From a story about the Parallel Roads project:

Shaikh Mohammad has also directed [the Roads and Transport Authority] RTA to expedite the construction work on the Parallel Roads as the project is aimed at easing traffic congestion on Shaikh Zayed Road and to link new developments...Shaikh Mohammad has also directed RTA to widen the road from the originally planned three lanes in each direction to four lanes on each side to accommodate more vehicles and to ensure a smooth flow of traffic...Shaikh Mohammad has also directed to step up the construction of a number of vital projects with a view to ease traffic bottlenecks in Dubai.

I've asked the rhetorical question before - why does it need Sheihh Mohammed to get personally involved in this level of detail before the right thing is done. Telling them how many lanes they need, telling them the projects are not moving quickly enough.

The Big Boss knows it, we know it, but the planners can't see it.

Parallel Roads project.

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