Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Satwa demolition.

It's ironic.

I've just been talking about Satwa being part of Dubai's history and Khaleej Times reports:

"The Dubai Municipality, in coordination with the Land Department, will soon begin large-scale demolition of villas in the Satwa area.

'Soon most of the villas in the Satwa area would be demolished. A few of them have already been razed and the process for the remaining ones is on in the Land Department.' "

Can't we renovate and keep what little history we have, even if it is recent history, rather than destroying it?

The story's here.


Anonymous said...

Dubai is a modern city and has no place in it for old villas which are more suited to 3rd world cities.

Why dont you move to a 3rd world city if you like old structures so much?

Dubai is the richest city in the world and hopefully wil continue to demolish old buildings and villas

Seabee said...

Anon, what a good idea. Demolish anything old.

But what exactly is 'old'in your mind?

To be the ultra-modern city you seem to want let's make it, say, five years and demolish everything over that age.

Old structures means third world you think? Ever been to Europe?

Oh, and Dubai is not the richest city in the world.

Off you go and do your homework so that you can get things right in future.

CG said...

this is terrible news. Once again I shall reach for some anti-depressants. Ok, it is not that bad but I sometimes feel I am alone wanting to retain some of the older buildings.

rosh said...

This is quite upsetting. What don't these clowns get? What are they thinking with - there is hardly anything left of the real Dubai these days, hardly, anything. Every goddamn crap is in your face glitter & glamour - minus the soul!

Satwa is one of the oldest and memorable neighborhoods of DXB. Man, this sucks!

i*maginate said...

Satwa is a sight for sore eyes, with reference to all those ugly mud huts. I am sure they are no longer safe - their equivalent in RAK is also in poor condition and nearly 5,000 homes are to be demolished.

Of course Satwa is a part of dxb's history just like one can argue the whole of Dubai is part of Dubai's history, but then, so was barren Barsha & Jebel Ali until they started building on it ;-)

Dubai is a young and rapidly developing city and now the financial resources are there, why not improve by building safer structures that are not only long-lasting, but aesthetically pleasing and in harmony with the urban environment.

Seabee said...

i*maginate, what I'm saying is renovation of the areas; there are only a couple of them after all that represent what little history we have examples of.

Two examples of how it can be done are the old shophouses on Singapore River, which were in terrible condition but have all been renovated to high safety levels and look beautiful. Another example is right here in Dubai - the old souks either side of the Creek. Look what a great job they've done there in renovating but retaining what was there.

Keefieboy said...

I used to live in an old villa in Satwa, and I loved it. Along with Karama, Bur Dubai and bits of Deira, it has a bit of soul to it. It's a huge mistake to demolish areas like this.

Anonymous said...

Well said imaginate.Mud huts are unsafe and belong to 3rd world countries, not the richest city in the world, Dubai!!!

Seabee, Dubai is probably the richest city by far, we have the most expensive Real Estate, the biggest yacht, the best Hotel (Burj Al Arab), the tallest tower, the best Airlines, and some of the highest conecntration of expensive sports cars anywhere in the world.

So Dubai may be the richest and best city in the world !!!

Seabee said...

Sorry anon, much as I like Dubai it is not the world's richest city.
You don't even have to go as far as places like New York, London, Paris - Abu Dhabi is much wealthier.
And we don't have the world's most expensive real estate either, not by a long, long way.

Anonymous said...

To ALL WAIT for couple of years and things will change. Thats when people will realise what they have done.......

yourmum said...

the anonymous guy who keeps leaving messages saying dubai needs to demolish everything old and the richest city needs to get rid of the old stuff, you my friend are a complete idiot. i feel sorry for you, your exactly the pathetic type of person that is sucking every inch of what little culture this place has. u need help! your making dubai a laughing stock to every other country. do you realize that everyone thinks this place is fake? try getting on a plane and going somewhere real and see how long you last there saying everything old should be gotten rid of.

you probably will say sumfin like, "well y dont you go live there yourself if its so gud"...dont even bother, just get a life you numpty

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think we have to demolish all the old villas as it is not save for living; sanitary system of Satwa is worst compare to any other city in dubai. If we look the demolishing from the environment point of view, we could come up with a quick answer that demolishing satwa is a better idea. By demolishing, new building structure is taking place, which is more hygienic, fire protective, accommodate more number of people etc. Once all the building come into being you would find new satwa as business hub... lot of new offices will be scattering in satwa... I believe by demolish satwa, we will loss the traditional structure but gain the benefit for the future of Dubai.. I do not have anymore word to describe my view point but believe me support the government incentive for the better of our community..

angelita said...

We admit that dubai is very rich city and its woderful if we saw the place look nice and competative but if everything will be changed, there is no history to tell and to show to our children that this dubai.for me development is good but we need to preserve some historic places.


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