Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bad signs & bad drivers don't mix well.

Yesterday I spoke about the newly opened turn-off on Dubai Marina's ring road, which takes traffic direct by flyover to SZR into Dubai.

I said about it: "Unannounced of course and with just one sign right at the entrance so it's catching motorists out. That means last minute lane-changing adding to the hazards on the road."

This morning the car in front was sitting in the left lane, which had been the only road until yesterday. At the new fork he suddenly realised he could go the new way - but he wasn't up to it.
So typical of far too many of Dubai's drivers he simply wasn't a good enough driver to either realise he'd left it too late and abort the manoeuvre or to cope with it when he'd made the decision to change lanes.

Mrs Seabee happened to have her camera in her hands.

Two seconds before this he'd been directly in front of me, bearing left. He lurched to the right to try to get into the new Dubai lane, overdid it by a mile, overcorrected and lurched back left straight into the cones and sandbags between the lanes.

Nice driving. Knows his car, knows his own ability.

Had he made it onto SZR he'd probably have been one of the drivers confident enough in his own ability to be weaving in and out at 150kph.

Drivers who make the wrong decisions and who can't control their vehicles are the main problem, but the signage is without a doubt adding to the number of crashes.

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