Monday, May 21, 2007

*Shakes head in disbelief*

Here are highlights from what a report in Gulf News says:

"Nakheel...will potentially supply more than half of all the residential developments being built...

Supplying this huge area with electricity and water is likely to place considerable strain on Dubai's existing services...

...It has forced senior Nakheel officials to meet with members of Dewa (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) to hammer out a plan to meet future utility requirements.

"...we received an overall brief about Nakheel projects power and water demands and expected date of requirements,"

Are they telling us that this hasn't been done before? They haven't previously been briefed on, or bothered to ask about, 'power & water demands and date they're needed'?

That the explosion of development is happening without any thought to supplying the basics of water & electricity? That the suppliers of the means to stay alive weren't consulted and haven't asked?

That we're five or six years into the development, with thousands of families already occupying their new homes and businesses in their new offices, before the players get their heads together?

Actually, the evidence is pretty clear that in fact it did happen that way. As a new building goes up the roads, footpaths, landscaping, even entrances to existing buildings, are dug up so that pipes and cable can go in. Why weren't they there right at the beginning, when the Master Plan was approved?

It seems DEWA isn't aware of what's happening. It would appear that no-one's been talking to DEWA and on its part DEWA hasn't been talking to them.

Gulf News report: Nakheel forms strategic link with DEWA.

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Keefieboy said...

I guess Nakheel didn't want to hear the bad news: DEWA is already struggling to cope with demand, and has been having to burn diesel at some of the power stations. The Dolphin Project will soon be supplying gas. But if they haven't factored in demand from gigantic stuff like the Palms, Dubailand and Bawadi, then there will be some kind of a crunch.