Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Beach development's developing story

The story about the possible development of Umm Suqeim beach next to Burj Al Arab just seems to go on and on.

The latest is that the dredging work now seems to have stopped. The boats have gone.

First, on March 18, I reported that a construction fence was being erected on the beach.

Then on March 30 I posted that The Big Boss ordered construction stopped and the fence removed.

On to April 10 and I had photos of the fence being removed. Looking good.

But. Isn't there always a but. Workboats were still working around the clock on something or other.

May 7 and we were talking about the construction site office adjacent to Umm Suqeim Fishing Port and the boats working 24/7 just offshore.

Now May 10 and I had photos of the brand new island that had appeared. A Boskalis Westminster flag was flying on it - it's their construction site office and they are a huge international dredging and land reclamation company.

But now, for the last week, the boats have disappeared. No more dredging, no more islands.

The little island is still there, the flag is still flying over the island and the site office, but there's no work going on.

Long may it continue. Fingers crossed.

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