Monday, May 14, 2007

More landscaping please...

The seemingly endless construction and the ubiquitous red & white cones and bits of flapping plastic that surround us down here in 'New Dubai' really do add to the frustrations, the unpleasantness of driving. And it makes it unnecessarily tiring, just endless red & white industrial-looking stuff in your face all the time.

But even in amongst the worst of Dubai Marina's road planning stuff-up there are some welcome little oases - nowhere near enough, but there is some grass, there are a few flower beds and date palms. Pleasing on the eye, a break from the construction, relaxing. It makes it just that little bit better to drive around.

But when you get to Al Sufouh Road, then into either Beach or Al Wasl Roads, it really does start to have a relaxing, calming effect. And it's looking particularly good right now:

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