Saturday, January 21, 2006


Management of the roads, and particularly the misleading signs, are adding to the horrendous traffic problems in Dubai. Making the problem more acute is the fact that so many new people are arriving every day in Dubai who don't automatically know their way around. Even long-term residents are finding it difficult, with so many new and altered roads appearing.

People are having to do unnecessary mileage to find their way again after signs mis-directed them. Hundreds of us at any one time are driving round and round on this frustrating exercise, adding to the already overloaded roads problem. Signs tell you to turn right when they actually mean second or third right, so you've been directed to turn off too early. Round and round the dual-carriageways you have to go, trying to get back to where you were so you can start again. To make the confusion even harder to solve, sometimes signage will be accurate, sometimes not. You never know which is which.

Lane-changing causes problems, and accidents, with the maniacs cutting across the lanes, often at warp speed. But the signage adds to this problem too, not giving enough notice which lane you need to be in. You're almost at your turning before a sign appears above the road with an arrow pointing you to a different lane from the one you're in. You have two choices - change lane in a hurry or end up in the wrong place and spend time and kilometres adding to the traffic snarl trying to find your way back.

Partial signage is another thing that's adding to the chaos. A sign will point you in a particular direction, then you pass one or more roundabouts or junctions with multiple choices but without another sign to guide you. If you're lucky and choose the correct route you will eventually come across another sign. If you happen to make the wrong choice, well, it's back to the round & round syndrome.


(((dXb))) said...

This is very true...

I actually bought a GPS recently, I thought it would help me find my way, but sadly, the map is outdated!

moryarti said...

Driving in Kuwait, Saudi, Lebanon, Egypt and Syria .. Dubai's road signage is state-of-the-art...(even by international standards)

If you can't deal with Dubai road signage, i highly doubt you can drive in any country in the middle east..

Seabee said...

The comment wasn't a comparison with other countries, it was a comment on how the signage adds to the congestion on Dubai's roads. And something that's so easy to fix.