Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lack of information

Isn't it irritating when the newspapers announce something new and don't give us any information. Don't the 'journalists' bother to ask any questions?
Today there are stories about the new e-Health Card and the new national health insurance scheme. But there's no information about how they will work, no detail.
Come on guys, ask the questions, get the details and pass it all on to your readers. Don't simply print whatever announcement the officials make and leave it at that.


nzm said...

They're probably not sure how it's going to work either - just announce it, and it will happen!

The immigration eCard is brilliant by itself. It saves us untold time at the Dubai airport as we don't have to queue for immigration - just go through the eGates.

That's available on a same day turnaround at the Dnata Building on SZR. When we got ours 15 months ago, it was about 150 dirham.

If you plan to do a lot of travelling, it's a must to preserve your sanity at DXB.

Seabee said...

I agree, it's a great idea. I got my e-card on SZR in fifteen minutes...amazing, no queues for once!

nzm said...
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nzm said...

I would love a similar system into the US!

We travel there a lot on business, and it gets REALLY TEDIOUS having to get fingerprint scanned and photographed EVERYTIME we go in.

Somehow, we always manage to land behind the Asian flights, so then we have a million Taiwanese/Japanese/Korean/Chinese/whatever in front of us with incomplete Immigration forms. AAAARRRGH!!

Canuck said...


There was talk the other day by DHS that they are going to relax the rules a bit, but there's no likelihood of the fingerprinting and photographing being dropped.