Friday, January 27, 2006

This is a worry.

There's a worrying report today that the Snowdome developer is planning to buy penguin eggs and hatch them in the Snowdome. The Chairman of 32Group is quoted as saying "The reality is that now we will have penguins as UAE (citizens), since they will be produced right here in Dubai." And here's the bit that concerns me: "And customers will then be able to either buy or adopt penguins from us."

As usual, no further information from the intrepid 'journalist' - in this case Shweta Jain of Emirates Today. I wonder if Shweta asked him exactly what that meant - do you buy the penguin but have to leave it in the Snowdome or can you take it home with you?


nzm said...

Are they out of their minds?

Next you'll see penguin meat schwarmas.

Bad joke for what could potentially be a serious issue.

secretdubai said...

It is truth universally acknowledged that someone else's spoof become's Dubai's reality.

Hmm. I should blog this at greater length some time - there are so many examples.

secretdubai said...


Jin said...

Why is it Dubai just seems to be goin ALL out to have EVERYTHING in the world? What was once a lovely piece of the Middle East is now a traffic congested, over-priced & wannabe 'in place' for the well connected plebs of this earth! I just wonder to what lengths will the money men go to?