Friday, May 28, 2010

Good news for the boys in blue

Some good news for the UAE's outdoor workers - the summer midday break will be extended by a month, running from June 15 to September 15.

It'll last through Ramadan this year too, which must be a huge relief for those workers who'll be fasting.

The bad news is that the hours of the break won't be extended, it will stay at 12.30 to 3pm.

When it was introduced in 2005 it was from 12.30 to 4pm, and the later finish is important because the hottest part of the day is often around 3pm. But construction companies complained and the next year it was shortened by one hour, where it's stayed.

Eighteen inspection teams from the Ministry of Labour will monitor compliance but it's inevitable that some companies will flout the law. MoL say their statistics show that more than 650 companies were fined last year for non-compliance.

Fines range from Dh10,000 and a ban on obtaining new labour permits for three months for a first offence to Dh30,000 and a ban on obtaining new work permits for one year for a third offence.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Always interesting, Seabee.

It's a pity that clown (almost certainly formerly known as ABIT/UltraBlue and now MORON) can't find something better to do with his time. He is terminally tiresome.

Keep up the good work.

Abu el Banat

Susan said...

ROFL @anon1!! Is the heat getting to you dear?

Seabee said...

Abu & Susan, like all trolls he's looking for a response to feed his infantile ego. Ignoring them and making them disappear is the best response.

Stained said...

Is there a number to call if you see a company failing to comply to the mid day break rule??

Seabee said...

Stained I haven't seen a number quoted in any of the stories I've read, but I seem to remember that a special number was given in previous years.

I guess a call to the Ministry of Labour would be the answer.

Stained said...

Ohk...will google it up but knowing how useful government website are, I suppose a 999 call would be more fruitful in case of violation...