Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dangerous driving clip banned in UAE

My last post was about the totally irresponsible, life threatening driving deliberately carried out by a bunch of youths on Sheikh Zayed Road.

I gave a link to the YouTube clip showing the madness but a comment left on my post alerted me to a strange decision. When I clicked on the link my screen looked like this:

The rest of the world can view the clip, so why is it banned in the UAE?

At best it might be a misguided attempt to stop others copying the dangerous stupidity.

But the kind of brainless morons who are prepared to endanger other people's lives by such stupidity brag about it to each other and show each other the clips on their mobile phones.

I think that rather than being banned the clip should be widely publicised and used in educational campaigns. It should be used to demonstrate that such behaviour is not clever or adult but is childish, unintelligent, antisocial and irresponsible.

Those involved should be named, ridiculed and exposed as childish, irresponsible, life-threatening fools.

Then they should be jailed for endangering life, be banned from owning a vehicle or driving for life. Their punishment should also be used in educational campaigns to deter others from copying them.

If you're in the UAE and haven't seen the stupidity on film you can still, at least for now, accesss it through the website of The National newspaper, which carried the story. It's here.


Doug Freeman said...

The lunacy continues;

First, it was a bunch of lunatics doing the Emirati version of the Indy 500 on the Sheikh Zayed freeway.

Now the NMC.

All I gotta say from the best seat in town is, thanks for the entertainment!

George McKee said...

Perhaps the powers that be are sweeping this video under the magic carpet not wanting to tarnish the reputation of the UAE.

Thats What I said...

looks as if its spreading into Oman

Oman’s secret police will start operating with effect from today. Police officers wearing civilian clothes and using civilian cars will start imposing law and order and dealing with reckless drivers who violate the traffic law.

rosh said...


Seabee said...

George, no it can't be that - they can only ban sites in the UAE, the rest of the world can see them.

alexander... said...

10 It didn't happen. It isn't real. It can't be true. Fingers in ears. Lalalalalalalala ;
20 Goto 10


Seabee said...

Yes Alex, the bog standard approach. We made it disappear, therefore it never happened, therefore we don't have to do anything.

Anonymous said...

UAE residents already know what driving standards are here.The blocking of the site dosent make sense.I dont know why the authorities choose to do this.

~*♥ miss pink ♥*~ said...

Uh, very scary and shocking. Good for you for spreading the word about it. Hopefully the idiots won't be able to get away with it.
I'll definitely be back to read your follow up on the story!