Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back to blogging

A week in the UK, one day to warm up when we got back, then a visitor for four days so there hasn't been time to blog.

I had a quick look and deleted the infantile comments from our new troll who originally used the name 'Bruno' but now has various aliases including, inevitably, 'Anon'.

I suppose some trolls are twelve year old schoolboys who get a kick out of using obscene words, while others are older in years but not mental capacity.

Before the internet you used to see the rude words that excite them so much chalked or sprayed on walls, now they scrawl them on blogs and forums.

I'll continue to delete them of course, so their efforts are pointless.

And so on with my catch-up post.

The UK was cold. Very cold. They've had their coldest winter for decades which the scenery reflected. Late spring but the early spring flowers were still blooming:

Most days were bright and sunny but the temperature was only around ten or twelve celcius and there was a strong cold wind most of the week that made it actually much colder. Walking around was uncomfortable so driving was the real option, with the countryside looking fresh, green and beautiful:

The best thing to do was drive through the countryside and find a pub:

In the pubs the meals were warming winter comfort food - it went down well too:

And one final pic, just because I like it:


AbuDhabiDailyPhotograph said...

Welcome back! I bet you appreciate Dubai’s warmer climate! Hope it wasn't the Squirrel being served up on the plate?

Susan said...

Welcome home! Beautiful pictures but it does look cold!

Stained said...

Welcome back....

Cute last shot!!

Neil Roberts said...

Oh the sights of home.... lovely