Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Multi-vehicle pile up

One dead and up to forty injured when between twenty and thirty vehicles crashed this morning.

It happened on the Jebel Ali-Lehbab Road when a bus crashed into a truck, another truck crashed into the bus and the pile up began.

Police say tailgating and the fog were responsible.

I disagree. The fog was not responsible, irresponsible dangerous driving was responsible.

As a result, the driver of the bus is dead and four other people are seriously injured. A further eight have 'moderate' injuries, whatever that means.

Yesterday I said that on my early drive I didn't see bad or dangerous driving in the fog. It was a one-off, an abberation. Later in the morning I did see my share of morons.

This morning I was almost wiped out twice in five kilometres.

A Landcruiser coming straight into the roundabout I was on, the driver not aware because he was too busy chatting on his mobile phone.

Then one of those ridiculous huge Ford pickup trucks, speeding in the overtaking lane, the driver deciding at the last second to turn off right. That meant swerving across in front of me to do it. Another coat of paint and he'd have hit my front end.

Gulf News and The National are both carrying the story.
Gulf News.
The National.


Anonymous said...

Can we guess something that ties the 2 drivers together? If we could, it would go a long way in solving traffic problems. Unfortunately policitcal correctness means some will always drive recklessly because..................

Ace said...

Two classes of bad drivers gets away with it because they can and the other that gets caught, jailed and/or deported back to their very nearby home countries in the sub-continent.

I actually find the latter more irritating.

Both are testing Darwin's "survival of the fittest" theory but unfortunately those of us who are more self-aware and prudent are unwilling victims of these reckless bastards'experiments!

D said...

really love this post, it's quite unique in content/style/tone compared to the countless others.
keep up the work my sweet

Grumpy Goat said...

Interesting that Thursday 11 Mar 7DAYS carries the story. According to 7DAYS, police say that the incident was caused by driving too close and not paying attention. Not a whisper suggesting that the fog caused it.

Seabee said...

Mr Goat, for once it seems 7Days has it right!

GN is still saying today:According to Brigadier Anas Al Matroushi, Deputy Director of the Operations Room for Transportation and Rescue, tailgating and the foggy weather caused the accident.

He went on to say the cement truck was speeding. Tailgating and speeding I can accept, blaming the weather I can't.

masood said...

Remember that 200 car pile up at Ghantoot on SZR 2 years back? They said it was due to extreme foggy conditions.

True. I was on the road that morning and was driving at 80-100 km/h maintaining safe distance because of the fog. And obviously there were the morons who were driving at 160-180 kph jumping lanes and hard shouldering. Eventually all traffic was halted for 3 hours to clear the pileup. I took the next exit and drove back to Abu Dhabi.