Sunday, March 07, 2010

Melbourne looks like Sharjah...

Sharjah in particular was badly affected by the rain we had last week and there was plenty of criticism of the drainage system.

A bit unfair because floods from unusually heavy rain don't just happen here - back in Oz, Melbourne was under water from a summer storm yesterday.

The centre of the city looked like this:

Photo: Jay Town The Australian

And the main railway station:

Photo: Rob Leeson The Australian

The storm lasted about half an hour and included golf ball size hailstones. It basically brought the city to a halt.

Over the border in my home state the problem is a little different:

"There has been a spate of snake bites across NSW, with five people being taken to hospital in separate incidents."

All five were bitten by poisonous snakes but are in a stable condition after treatment.

I loved the final word from a NSW ambulance spokeswoman, who " warned people who come across a snake to leave it alone and walk away."

Too right.

Photos of the Melbourne storm are here.
Snakebite story is here.


KJ said...

I was always under the impression human beings would walk away from snakes instinctively!

Anonymous said...

The criticism about Sharjah is quite accurate; i have only lived here slightly longer than 3 years, and most of those three years were in Sharjah. For those past three years every single year we had rain, and every single time there was complete chaos. I remember in 2008 it being so bad that i couldn't walk accross a major road for two days to get to my car - which i had to move in the middle of the night on to the footpath as the roads around it were completely flooded (and its an Armada, so its not very low to the ground to begin with). The underground parking in the building next to mine was completely flooded to street level drowning quite a few cars. This happens every year (so its not an 'unusually heavy' rain, that flooded melbourne), and for them not to be prepared every single year i think deserves strong criticism.

On the flip side from the 30th floor of my new place in JLT i couldn't even tell it was raining until i stepped out to the balcony, and all the water drained away appropriately. So there is some good in all this new construction...

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