Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just what we needed

After a few days of strong winds everything was covered with a layer of dust and sand and the air was heavy with it.

Last night we got what we needed...

Thunder, lightning, plenty of heavy rain.

Apart from the usual flooded spots it's been good news. The trees and plants are looking green instead of gray, the streets, footpaths and buildings have been washed.

Plenty of water came down, but on Sheikh Zayed Road's Interchange 5 it's being added to by water coming up...


MW (My Wish) said...

Oh I remember that. No sewage system there. When it rains, it is better to stay home instead of driving around.

Anonymous said...

I was living in Sharjah and I won't never forget what happens after heavy rainfalls: a real tragedy!
Anyway UAE needs a good downpour once in a while as well as a permanent sewage system.

Seabee said...

Not quite right folks, there is a huge drainage system and sewage system.

The flooding problem is generally because the drains are blocked by sand or because of construction. Have a look here to see why we have a problem!

There's a main sewage system covering the city, although the treatment plants are struggling to keep up with the population increase, and the labour camps are also being connected to the system.

Ahmed Saidawi said...

That's really what we need,,and I feel that we still need it here in the capital!

thanks for your post,,,