Friday, February 19, 2010

Photo mix

I was sorting out my recent batch of photos and thought this random selection might be of interest.

We're used to seeing Dubai police in BMWs and 4x4s, but at Dubai Marina/JBR they have a whole different kind of fleet, hardly hot pursuit vehicles:

There's some appropriate topiary in that area too:

A bit further on, Ibn Battuta Gate is looking good:

Also looking good is the bouganvillea around town, coming towards its best at this time of year:

And at JBR, a Russian bear has appeared. It's in a restaurant we tried the other evening, called Suvoroff. I'm no expert on Russian food but I thought it was pretty good. The menu has a big variety, with very different dishes from the usual things we're offered.


rosh said...

Thanks Seabee. True best time of the year for the lovely bouganvilleas sightings.

Dubai said...

Nice pics

Anonymous said...

Nice pics to see,I was living in JBR until the end of the year and I really miss the camel shaped topiary.