Saturday, February 06, 2010

Some good news for Dubai

We're no longer Top Ten, which for once is good news.

This Top Ten is a list of the cities with the world's most expensive hotels. Dubai has been at or close to the top for expensive hotels for some time.

Now we're not even in the Top Ten according to the report of a survey I found in The Daily Telegraph.

World's most expensive cities for hotels

Moscow £266.56

Abu Dhabi £223.35

New York City £203.70

Paris £201.07

Manama (Bahrain) £189.36

Milan £185.73

Geneva £185.19

Copenhagen £182.74

Washington £179.53

Athens £177.81


El Shahlab said...

Apparently Dubai sent her sister to represent her this year.

Anonymous said...

Sister? Last I checked Abu Dhabi was the FATHER and Dubai the little spoiled brat teen girl.

Anonymous said...

Kuwait ought to be there somewhere... !!

Rich Kid said...

i belief this tool ranks hotel and living expenses in every cit worldwide

Human Cynic said...

So London doesn't even make the cut? Yeah right..