Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Safety? What safety?

I posted last week on Yet more avoidable deaths the dangers to road-workers.

Lack of adequate protective barriers, lack of adequate warnings.

Today on Sheikh Zayed Road raceway was a classic of don't care, don't think, utter stupidity.

Two workers wandering along sweeping the roadside, completely unprotected, no barriers, no warning - not even the ubiquitous red flag.

A plastic helmet and a lime green jacket aren't much help when six lanes of traffic are doing a minimum of 100kph.


i*maginate said...

Since you posted on this issue it's even more noticeable on the roads!

Another thing that springs to mind is the workers in the early hours of the morning who replace graphic light boxes on busy roads, even the highway - not only in Dxb!

I was in AD once on a main road with no hard shoulder, and a ladder was sticking right into the fast lane with a man on top of it! said...

thats just sad... knowing someone will get hurt because of some nasty employer not caring about his people...