Wednesday, December 19, 2007

RAK shows the way

For a long time I've been saying that while we need education to improve motorists' attitudes in Dubai, in the short term we also need strong measures against today's moronic drivers.

In simple terms, get them off the road.

The news from Ras Al Khaimah is encouraging and I hope the other emirates will follow with tougher measures.

The Head of the Traffic & Licencing Department announced new instructions from the RAK Chief of Police, including sensible fines, vehicle confiscation and jail for reckless drivers in the emirate.

Col. Nasser Salem Muradad said reckless drivers will spend two weeks in jail, be fined Dh3,000 and have their vehicle confiscated for six months.

The rules apply all over the emirate, the tourist area of Awafi being mentioned specifically, and include motorcycles and quad bikes.

Failing to fasten seat belts and using a non hands-free mobile phone will be a target and there will be an instant Dh2,000 fine for vehicles exceeding the legal window tinting limit.


moryarti said...

great move... unless WASTA comes in the way..

Seabee said...

Like with the blacked out 4x4s you mean, Moryati?!

CG said...

oh no.....I like my blacked out windows.....sheeeeesh