Thursday, December 13, 2007

EmBiz247 - the verdict

Emirates Business24/7 has published it's first week's issues and the pattern is set.

Being interested in business and business reporting, I thought I'd post my view on the new business paper.

In a mirror of its previous incarnation, the late Emirates Today, it's got just two things wrong.

Content and layout.

It's awful.

Bad design, re-hashed stories, boring writing, years out-of-date photographs.

And they just couldn't resist a tabloid section at the back, which has nothing to do with business.

Commercially it will be viable for a while yet. Today's 48 pages include 13 pages of advertisements, but that's par for the course in this area. Companies here advertise for very different reasons from their counterparts in more sophisticated markets.

Advertisers include the usual suspects plus some very odd ones, given the positioning of the paper and its obvious reader target.

There's a doozy, by the way, from our beloved RTA that sums up marketing communications here for me. A full page ad that tells us they're working on building a Metro rail system.

Whoda thought it!

We really could do with some authoritative, quality newspapers here. News dailies, business dailies in particular. What do we get instead? EmTod, 7Days, EmBiz247...

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