Sunday, May 14, 2006

Where's the subtlety gone?

I think I detect a loss of subtlety in the spoof letters to 7Days. A little too obvious I thought, although the outraged responses will be on their way to the Editor already, I’m sure.

Brave reader calls for female driving ban

The solution to traffic congestion is very simple and has been working and proven in Saudi Arabia for years.
Ban all females from the roads completely.
They can stay at home where they belong.
And of course that has the added benefit of keeping them out of our offices and enticing good hard-working men who need to put in eight or ten hours of hard work before going straight home for their properly cooked dinners.
And there is another benefit - No more junk food: No more fast take-aways.
From a [UK] man of our times
Abu Dhabi

Clubs are not for forty-somethings

I am becoming concerned at the amount of oldies (men and women) that think that they belong In the Hotspots of Dubai.
These forty something’s dress far too young for their age and end up looking like mutton dressed as lamb.
These sad people have had their time.
They are trying to recapture their youth but end up looking ridiculous.
The bars and clubs should have an age limit, so as to deter these people.

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