Sunday, May 07, 2006

What faith!

It's like a mojo warding off evil spirits.

There they were again, a gang of labourers in the middle of three lanes of traffic, this time on Al Sufouh Road, heads down concentrating on whatever it was they were doing. Cars & construction traffic hurtling towards and around them, each at least one tonne of metal travelling at least 25 metres a second.

Speed limit? This is Dubai!

And there protecting them from harm was Redflagman, about a metre in front of them, putting himself between them and danger, waving the red flag talisman...and I assume, hoping that it hadn't lost its magic powers.


Desert Lady said...

Wouldn't you think that a country that is trying to become so modern would get with the times and adopt some proper health & safety regulations.

I can't help but feel something really devastating is going to happen if they don't give these matters some urgent attention.

Seabee said...

They're playing catch-up all the time. It's a bit like the world's governments trying to keep legislation up to speed with the internet, it's always ahead of them.

The pace of development is so mind-boggling here that a huge number of things are being left in its wake - health & safety, consumer protection, workers rights, road safety, public transport etc etc etc.

nzm said...

Seabee - I think that Al Sufouh Road is a place that you should avoid - it's becoming dangerous to your mental health! lol.

Gotta agree with you though - I made a similar comment on the UAE Blog here

Seabee said...

M, it's the road I use more than any other, and actually is a bloody good road now. But the things you see on, going into Knowledge Village there were two guys sitting around a manhole in the middle of the road with only a red flag stuck in a road cone a couple of metres in front of them for protection. It's madness! The way people drive here I was amazed the flag, the cones and the men hadn't been wiped out in one hit.