Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Good Road News

Here's a twist - some good news about Dubai's roads.

The timing was out of course, with developments opening before the roads were ready and chaos being the result for a while. But now all around Media & Internet Cities/Knowledge Village we have a fantastic new road system.

It isn't fully open, but suddenly there are wide dual-carriageways, flyovers & underpasses everywhere, an internal road system joining Media/Internet/Knowledge, several ways in and out, a choice of ways onto Sheikh Zayed Road. And suddenly, of course, the gridlock has disappeared.

I must drive around one day and find out where all the roads go...

These photos were around noon today - just look at the traffic!


redstar said...

The roads are new and are certainly an improvement, but they still have the same dangerous design flaws that are found elsewhere - lanes disppear, don't make sense, u-turns, etc.

You're right though - definitely welcome!

nzm said...

Redstar - have to agree with you re the disappearing lanes.

Although there are a lot of them, the 2 which concern me the most are:
- the one on Al Sufouh Road as you head north past the DMC entrance, and
- the blocked lane on SZR by Za'abeel Park where cars cross over to head to the Garhoud Bridge while the cars from the Trade Center flyover cross over to go to the Maktoum Bridge.

It's a nightmare!

Seabee - please stop telling people about the great empty roads around this area - it's supposed to be our secret! lol

Seabee said...

I've bitched about the design flaws and dangerous signage before. A lot of the problems are not caused by bad driving but bad road design/signage.

I found a new one yesterday that I hadn't really noticed before - big white arrows on signs & the road that point sharp left or sharp right - in other words if that's where you want to go you have to make a turn.

Wrong! It actually means bear left (or right), move into the left (or right) lane, not turn left (or right).

The sneaky thing with it is that in some places the sign means turn, in others it doesn't.

archer14 said...

Better frame those pics seabee, two decades down the line, it'll fetch you a couple a thousand dhs at souq.com. Because by then there would be like 10 interchanges over each flyover!

Seabee said...

archer, wait 'til you see my photos I took in Dubai back in the seventies, when I get around to posting them...

moryarti said...

Never the less, i have to admit it ... I use this road evrey day and I LOVE IT... it makes access to DIC/DMC much much easier