Monday, April 24, 2006

"Let's go for a nice drive"

We really need a police presence on the wonderful new Al Sufouh Road. I’ve never seen any, other than at the scene of accidents.

This morning was fairly typical. A sports car, let’s say for argument’s sake, something like, oh I don’t know, let’s say, hypothetically, an Aston Martin Vantage convertible. Slows for the red light. Then quite deliberately drives through it. Pedal to the metal and screams away through the 80 zone, picking up speed all the time through the 60 zone, stamping on the brakes for the new turn-off flyover to Dubai.

Meanwhile, I wait for the light to go green, go when it changes and nearly get wiped out by a pick-up doing an illegal U-turn. It’s so common at the particular junction that I expect it, so I’m prepared and take evasive action.

I’m in the right hand lane at the speed limit of 80 and grudgingly put up with the moron in the huge truck a few millimetres behind me flashing his lights. Did I stop the car, drag him from his cab and politely suggest that he stopped doing it? Nah. I clenched the wheel, gritted my teeth, counted to ten, several times, and ignored him.

Didn’t I do well.


nzm said...

You're halfway there to ignorance is bliss which would work if you weren't a thinking man!

Gautam said...

I would agree with nzm...How are you doing otherwise Seabee..??

lili said...

je suis nouvelle et j'aurai souhaiter avoir des renseignements sur dubai,

Seabee said...

Otherwise, I'm doing good Gautam, shukrun.