Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Go get'em boys!

Hundreds of people have died needlessly, not only the lunatic drivers themselves but tragically also very many innocent people. At last something's being done about it.

Hundreds of violations caught in covert campaign as police acknowledge that nothing else can stop Dubai's reckless drivers...

*Police pull over 353 vehicles
*99 driving licences seized
*464 fines issued
*16 vehicles impounded
*First car impounded driven by British expat

Dubai’s top traffic cop said yesterday that punishing errant drivers on the spot was the most effective way to hold them “accountable”, as a fleet of unmarked police cars stopped almost one vehicle every minute for road violations during its first 48 hours on patrol.
Police also confiscated 16 vehicles and handed out more than dhs69,600 worth of fines. More than one hundred fines, almost one quarter, were issued for driving outside designated lanes.


It concerns me that the report says the patrols will be out there only between 7.30 and 10.30 am...the lunatic driving isn't restricted to those hours... but it's a start.

I wonder how many lives were saved by yesterday's action? Even if it was only one, it was a job well done.

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