Sunday, April 30, 2006


I know it’s probably not their fault because they’re told to do it, but sales assistants invading my personal space are not only infuriating, they’re counter-productive. (Pun intended). Try to look at, say, a suit on display, step back and you tread on a sales assistant. Turn round and s/he is six inches away, smiling, trying to help, but right in your face.

Hey, owners and managers - do you know how many times I’ve walked out of your shop because of it? I’m ready to give you my money and they harassed me away.

The problem is obviously with the senior people who train them. What a pity no-one trained the trainers in effective customer service. They could have passed it on and they wouldn’t be losing sales.

The words to remember are ‘unobtrusive’ and ‘available’.


adevents said...

yes i hate this word can I help you sir , well i know you r there when i need your help i will ask you just leave me alone i want to look in peace

archer14 said...

If you happen to be Indian, you have that freaking question thrown at you every single time.
"So Sir, .......whats your budget"

secretdubai said...

Amen. I always feel like they think I am a shoplifter or something. If I need help, I will ask. It's not beyond my capacity to sort through a rack of five shirts for the right size, I don't need someone else doing it for me.

CG said...

But if you do accept their help and say you have this is such n such size? they will say hold on, let me check....then go away for ages..............grrrrrrrrrr

nzm said...

I do HATE the words, "can I help you, maaaarm?"

It makes me want to run straight out of the shop!

Bloglingo said...

So true. I totally agree with SD, they make you feel as if you’re shoplifting. I hate it. I usually just end up leaving the shop without buying anything.