Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm confused...again.

Not for the first time, I don't understand.

I'd say it's pretty bloody obvious that violations numbers 2 to 10 fall very clearly under "General disregard for other road users." If they don't, what the hell does fall under that heading?

7Days lead story

Dubai police yesterday stated that “gross disregard” for other road-users was the leading cause of death on Dubai roads last year, causing 91 deaths and 502 injuries in 464 crashes.
The head of traffic police, Brigadier General Mohammad Al Zafeen said that an attitude of carelessness for others was responsible for almost every single road death in the city last year.
(BrigGen, I agree with you 100%, sir)
Excessive speeding was the second leading cause of death, leading to 53 fatalaties and 376 injuries. Other violations, such as not leaving enough breaking distance between cars and driving under the influence of alcohol, killed 28 people.
In total, last year saw 236 people die in 2,794 traffic accidents that left 2,566 injured, of which 1,037 were drivers, 968 passengers and 516 pedestrians, Al Zafeen said.
Earlier this month, police launched a clampdown campaign in which officers, in a fleet of 32 unmarked cars, pulled over errant drivers and fined them on the spot.
1. General disregard for other road users: 91 deaths, 502 injuries
2. Excessive speeding: 53 deaths, 376 injuries
3. Not leaving enough braking distance: 15 deaths, 247 injuries
4. Drunk driving: 13 deaths, 163 injuries
5. Merging into incoming traffic and sudden turns without using signals: 11 deaths each, and 438 injuries
6. Reckless and aggressive driving: 9 deaths, 84 injuries
7. Not abiding by lane discipline: 6 deaths, 215 injuries
8. Careless driving: 5 deaths, 96 injuries
9. Running a red light: 4 deaths, 261 injuries
10. Suddenly reversing and tailgating: 2 deaths each, and 48 injuries

See what I mean? Just about everything covered in 2 to 10, so what does 1 cover? Answers on the back of Dh500 note please.

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nzm said...

Maybe #1 is another way of saying - these are the idiots who died or were killed by the idiot who crossed over the center line into oncoming traffic.

Sorry Seabee - couldn't find a spare 500dir note!