Saturday, October 30, 2010

UAE in the news

Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah are in the international news again I see.

The UK Daily Telegraph had a piece that tells us that in RAK a 'power struggle threatens stability in wake of monarch's death'.

Soldiers are on the street it said: Sheikh Khalid al-Qasimi, the elder son of the late ruler, Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed al-Qasimi, was on Wednesday night holed up in his palace, claiming to be the rightful successor, while troops were marshalled outside to enforce the claim of his younger brother, the Crown Prince Sheikh Saud.

Some of you are closer to the action than me right now - what's happening?

Then Dubai is back in the news with a parcel bomb destined for the US found at the airport, although naturally the main focus of the UK press is the discovery of another parcel bomb on a cargo plane at their East Midlands airport.

It makes life down here on the other side of the world seem very normal and relaxed.

Parcel bombs.

RAK excitement.


EyeOnDubai said...

Err.. went up to host a function in RAK last night, everything completely and utterly normal (though somewhat subdued due to the passing of a popular leader). No tanks, no troops, normal traffic, normal business.

Did I miss something???

Seabee said...

EoD, journos often seem to report seeing things the rest of us don't see!

Mita said...

There's nothing in the local papers (surprise, surprise) but of course Twitter and the blogosphere keep posting articles from 'phoren' papers - so who knows. But that elder son has been lobbying for quite some time.

Doug said...

Surprised you missed this:

Apparently the police have also been arresting dogs (they're in custody!) and managed to bring a monkey to justice, while two others fled the long arm of the law and are still at large.

Seabee said...

Doug thanks for that - a classic. It's more the sort of thing I expect too see from RAK but it's good to see Ajman is helping to keep us amused.

Bassam said...

I think very good news that Dubai nowadays has become international city of the world and it situated center of the middle east that is why Dubai is conventional place for any business man.