Sunday, October 24, 2010

A jargon classic

I keep complaining about the ridiculous use of jargon, of companies using buzzwords which don't tell us what the company actually does.

A classic turned up in my paper this morning.

It's about the re-naming of Sydney's Star City Casino, as part of a major redevelopment.

The owners have employed a company in San Francisco, Tattoo Brand Strategy, to come up with the new name.

Tattoo describe themselves as an: "evolution strategy collective dedicated to helping clients decode the role their brand assets can play in driving their business forward".


Anyway, the word is that after a couple of trips to Sydney and several hundred thousands of dollars they're getting close to deciding the new name.

A 'well-placed source' told the paper what the name will be, which a spokesman for the casino would neither confirm nor deny.

The source said the name will change from Star City to....Star.

You need an evolution strategy collective, many months and plenty of dollars to come up with something as earth shatteringly creative as that.

The story is here.


nzm said...

"Jumeirah International" changed to "Jumeirah" for millions, so "Star City" to "Star" for thousands is a good deal!

Susan said...

The only appropriate word in that description is "decode" - and frankly, if you NEED to decode you did it wrong!
Grrrrr I hate jargon!

alexander... said...

It really is complete bollocks, isn't it?

But at least it's expensive bollocks. So much more 'value-add' than common sense...

Keefieboy said...

I'm definitely in the wrong business. But honestly, I could not, with straight face, tell my client the solution was to cut their name in half and then present them with a bill for hundreds of thousands of doshbobs.

Anonymous said...

Try and work out what these guys do