Monday, September 20, 2010

A back issue

Well that was a different stay in Singapore from the ones we usually have.

Arrived late Friday evening, got ready to go out for coffee mid morning Saturday, bent over to pick something the floor in agony.

A joint in the back had decided to click out of place.

Ten minutes later I could move - just about and very, very carefully.

What I needed was a wellness solutions facility* .

But it was the weekend so they weren't open.

Spent most of the weekend lying flat, then I hobbled off to the first appointment I could get, which was 8am Monday. At 9am I walked out normally, if a bit stiffly.

The joint was back where it should be.

I went back a couple of times for work on the soft tissue which had been damaged, because another eight hours sitting in a cramped aircraft seat was coming up and I wanted to get it as right as I could. It worked.

I tell you all this not for sympathy but because some of you will, I'm sure, visit Singapore some time and you might also need a wellness solutions practitioner*

Away from our usual habitat the biggest problem is always who to call, who to see, who to trust.

Make a note of the name Jackson Yong. Far East Shopping Centre, next to the Hilton on Orchard Road. I hope you never need him but if you do you can call him on 683 65896.

Singaporean, trained in Australia and he's good. Very good.

* Physiotherapist


Thats What I said...

Here are the Sheikh Zayed stunt drivers again They were released and fined DHMs1000 each
I wonder if this was them celebrating – on the beach (presumably forbidden otherwise why do it ) – lots of space and whoops a crash
Here are their cousins

the real nick said...

I have heard in the past of people from the Middle East going to Singapore for medical treatment. So that's what they do...

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Physiotherapists, God bless you all (No kidding! My physiotherapist and his magic hands performed a miracle to relieve a severe pain on my left knee)