Monday, June 21, 2010

A very strange mascot

Mascots, especially those designed to appeal to children, are almost always furry, chubby, cuddly.

I don't know whether the Dubai Summer Surprises mascot, Modesh, is as popular with kids as the media would have us believe, but he's not furry, not chubby and, to my mind, not cuddly.

In fact he's always reminded me of Australia's witchetty grub.


Photo: Sydney Morning Herald

No, really...

You might have heard of the witchetty grub, it's one of the most disgusting items in our bush tucker larder:

Photo: Cornell College

By the way, if you're not in the UAE you may not know about Dubai Summer Surprises.

It's promoting the summer sales, with all the major malls and some 6,000 shops offering huge discounts, activities & entertainment, raffles with prizes like luxury cars and thousands of dirhams.

It's just started, runs until August 7 and it's not a bad time to visit, with airfares and hotel rates at their lowest for the year too. A cheap holiday with shopping bargains and the chance to win a prize.

Just one thing. I should draw your attention to the reason for it.

The weather.

That's why it's the low season, that's why we need the attraction of DSS.

The weather report said today would be about 46 celcius (115F) with humidity from 55% to 90%.

And it's only early summer.

DSS official website.


a-hem said...

It is your life's ambition to force readers to stifle their giggles at work, is it not?

Love the edited graphic. *doffs beret*

Susan said...

Has anyone run him over yet?

Anonymous said...

R-U-Kidding? Who likes to be there when the heat is on? Next february's DSF maybe.

Var said...

The mascot looks stupid.They should change it.

Dave said...

Seabee, I am picking myself off the floor with laughter... Modesh the witchetty Grub - Brilliant!!!

Keefieboy said...

Once again I give thanks that I don't have to endure the sight or sound of the evil yellow one any more.

blue-eyed floozy said...

Strange but strangely cute.

Anonymous said...

The Japs should give him a makeover.