Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's quiet out there

There's nothing going on is there?

The UAE blogosphere is very quiet but that's just a reflection of the lack of anything much happening in the real world.

Every summer's the same, but this one probably quieter than we've had for many years because of the global economic meltdown.

Apart from the development/construction slowdown which has hit us the holiday exodus is well under way, the roads are quieter, the restaurants have fewer customers, the people still here are staying indoors. There's no news of activity from the commercial sector so there's nothing happening on the stock market. Outside workers have their midday break so construction stops - in fact at that time of day the whole city seems to be in pause mode.

Apart from the handful of sweating tourists I've seen, staggering around in the heat and humidity realising why they got such a cheap package deal, everywhere is quiet.

I haven't even seen what the UK's Observer newspaper reported to its readers: "Middle-aged men in responsible jobs – accountants, marketeers, bankers – who for 10 months of the year are devoted husbands, transform in July and August into priapic stallions roaming the bars of Sheikh Zayed Road."

Anybody else seen the herds of priapic stallions stampeding up and down SZR?

Ridiculous article in the Observer.

BTW, I didn't post on the Observer column because Alexander did it so well here on his blog Fake Plastic Souks.


nzm said...

The UAE bogosphere?

Freudian-ly apt? ;>)

alexander... said...

Why thank you, kind sir!

If you want to have a few beers next week and act like Priapic Stallions, that'd be lovely.

Sarah's still in town with me, but she understands Priapic Stallion season...

Susan said...

No, but there was a black Mustang doing 180 along Shk Zayed Road this morning - does that count?

Seabee said...

M, well-spotted and thanks - now corrected.

Alex a few beers sound good but I'm afraid I don't know how to act like a Priapic Stallion - could you enlighten me?

Grumpy Goat said...

What a fantastic name for a band that plays in certain Dubai bars.

Anyone play the electric guitar?

Seabee said...

Brilliant Mr Goat! Register it quickly.