Friday, June 18, 2010

There's one rule for us...

Residents of all Emaar complexes across the emirate are forbidden from draping their country's colours from balconies, windows, garages or in gardens.

When 7DAYS contacted Emaar’s customer care centre to ask for a flag-ban amnesty as football fever sweeps the UAE, an adviser said: "They are not allowed even in the World Cup - I’m sorry to burst your bubble."


I can see why flags might be banned. They can be unsightly, they can be distracting to motorists.

We do want to keep the place neat and tidy and safe don't we.

Just as well flags & banners are not allowed in Emaar developments then...

Err, unless you're Emaar. In which case you can put up as many advertising flags as you can find room for.

Or a commercial enterprise, in which case you can put temporary advertising flags at the roadside.

So maybe the ban really applies to national flags then?

Not if you're a hotel in an Emaar development.

Oh I see. It's not a ban on flags and banners, it's a ban on private residents displaying flags and banners.


Thats What I said...

exactly - the 'small people' as the chairman of BP would say
need to be kept in their place

hemlock said...

i really liked the labels/tags on this post :)

Reluctant and Recluse said...

Well Emaar would need to be reminded that they don't get to make the rules at freehold developments - the owners do.

Sorry to 'burst thier bubble'!

rosh said...

I hear ya Seabee. I never got the advert flag biz. The craze commenced probably 10 years ago. Growing up, I don't recall seeing the large number of decor advert flags around town.. and things went Prozac, silly, like HOW many flags do they need around town, especially a small town / city.

The condo I live / own, residents cannot hang flags of our windows. In fact, the only flag that's on the front garden is an American flag.

Susan said...

I guess what they're saying is you can't put flags up unless
a) you're advertising one of their products or
b)paying them handsomely for the privilege

Clear as mud really

Dave said...

Flags can obviously also be displayed if you are enjoying little yellow creature that surfaces every summer.

Grumpy Goat said...

Brace yourself for copious lawbreaking on 2nd December! Most vehicles (and everything else) will doubtless be adorned with red, green, black and white.

It's good to celebrate.

Seabee said...

Yes Mr Goat, for safety reasons national flags have been banned on vehicles - but I'm expecting them to be not a safety hazard by early December.