Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sally's out

Here's an update on my post of a couple of weeks ago about Sally, dobbed in to the police in Dubai by her husband for being in a hotel with another man.

It resulted in two months in Al Slammer for Sally and her paramour Mark.

According to The Times she's been released two weeks early (no mention of whether Mark was also released) and has flown to Australia with her husband.

None of it makes any sense to me, these are not unworldly fouteen year olds. She'd lived here for twelve years so was fully aware of the law on sex outside marriage; she presumably knew her husband well enough to realise he might turn her in; having done that he claims to have said he didn't want to press charges; he regularly visited her in Al Slammer and she said she was trying to be 'not bitter'.

The article also says that 'it was suggested that the trip to Australia might be a permanent move in an attempt to start afresh', another for the 'I Don't Understand' file.

Anyone who's tried to emigrate to Australia will know how very difficult it is. Just hop on a plane to Brisbane for a permanent move? In your dreams.

The Times story is here. As I often suggest, do enjoy the comments left by readers.

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Bush Mechanic said...

any bets on a chequebook journalism story around the corner?