Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PS to dangerous driving post

Yesterday I posted about the standard of driving on our roads, tailgating being one of the dangerous stunts all-too-many drivers insist on inflicting on the rest of us.

Here's an example from this morning, on Al Sufouh Road where traffic from Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah merges.

The right lane in the photograph is about to end and traffic in it has to merge left.

In about 100metres, a few seconds, the road becomes three lanes so there's ample room to overtake.

The small white sedan is doing the right thing travelling at the speed limit of 80kph and there's nowhere for him to go, but a 4X4 driver isn't prepared to travel at the speed limit and can't wait for an overtaking opportunity. He got much closer than this too.


Anonymous said...

Speeding is killing for sure, but don't you agree that we have cars and drivers over the whole country roads capacity.

don't you agree that we have cars that have increased in number so sharply -over fast perioed of time- becaues it is a free import country with no one who cares about people feelings when being on the roads?

Exclusive car dealers and there families enjoy most.

Banks and there Board of Directors enjoy alot.

Insurance companies and whoever make money out of that enjoy the most.

First we have to reduce the number of cars roaming around, without the need of statistics we have more than what we need.

Seabee said...

Jassim, yes I do agree that we have too many vehicles on our roads, but that doesn't excuse dangerous and inconsiderate driving (and parking).

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming you weren't driving while taking this photo. That would also be terribly unsafe.

redstar said...

An FJ Cruiser being driven dangerously, what a surprise.

Jassim, speed is one of many factors.

These guys could have been driving at ten kilometers an hour - the stopping distance between cars would still have been dangerous.

Most of the dangerous driving I see in Dubai is done below the speed limit -

- tailgating

- manoeuvring without indicating

- pulling out into a road in front of an oncoming car

- slamming the brakes on for no apparent reason

- slowing down to gawp at someone on the hard shoulder

Bush Mechanic said...

Pictures can deceive as a result of shot angle, lighting, movement and optical distortions. Look again closely at the picture, the car in front may be a Sunny, if so, it is probably reversing in the roundabout or has just shifted lanes as it takes the roundabout using the minimum curvature method of roundaboutology.

Anonymous said...

FYI, even if you are driving on the speed limit on the left lane and a speeding car comes behind you then YOU HAVE TO GIVE THE SPEEDING CAR the way.

off course, the speeding car should maintain distance until the car in front give a way...

this has been confirmed to me by the police... slow drivers on the fast lane means they are obstructing traffic.. forcing the speeding car to overtake from the right or causing a traffic jam behind them because the very first car is not giving way and driving slowly.

tailgating is wrong and dangerous and the same with someone driving slow on the left lane which is another major issue in Dubai.. especially those who are driving Nissan Sunny's :P

Seabee said...

Anon@9.37 you assume correctly, I was not driving and taking photographs.

Anonymous said...

Emarati Locals are ultra demented speed esurient !! They think roads are race tracks !!