Friday, June 19, 2009

Reality check

I'm not the only one who complains about the standard of customer service we have to put up with in Dubai, it's a fairly common complaint.

But I also point out every so often that many of the things we suffer from in Dubai really aren't any different to those people around the world come up against.

An example of that is the current economic crisis.

Plenty of people talk about how Dubai is suffering from the downturn. Much of that is with undisguised glee which, incidentally, surprises and annoys me. To gloat about other people's misfortune isn't acceptable.

But we're not suffering any more than the rest of the world, in fact we're weathering the storm somewhat better than many places. Property price slump, unemployment, money hard to get, cancelled projects are all happening worldwide.

A couple of examples which confirm that Dubai really isn't very different have just popped up, both from a blogger I enjoy reading. First, have a look at Keith's comment on my last posting about the lack of safety.

Then read Keith's post on the customer service he experiences in the UK. It's an infuriating example which had me giggling as I read it.

I won't copy it here, just click on this link to read about his attempt to spend money in his local garden centre: At Home with Keith.

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