Friday, December 05, 2008

Trains on view

If you haven't seen them - and if you're interested - the Metro trains look like this on the elevated section of the track:

These were on the stretch right outside Ibn Battuta Mall this morning.


The Wizard of D said...

Hey.. I saw it first... HERE!!!! so doyou carry a camera everywhere

Seabee said...

Yes, I do try to always carry a little digital camera with me.

Rose in Dubai said...

Well above the water level too! That's useful

The Wizard of D said...


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i*maginate said...

The sides of the thing (whatever it's called) where the lovely metro is going to be is also now on view. LOL!

In the Dubai Mall area they've started decorating the sides of it.

I am not going to spoil the surprise. Hint: it resembles the style of what I call the 'bathroom railings' dividing the Jumeirah Beach road. Totally 'innovative solution' ;-)

What's making me really crack up, though, is the word verification for today: 'bunmess' - kid you not lol!

Seabee said...

Hey Wiz, you published your own not to be published comment!!

Send me an e-mail if you want a non-public chat.