Monday, December 01, 2008

Let the clarifications begin!

Maybe tomorrow it'll be 'clarified' by another official was my second sentence in yesterday's post about the ban on 100 categories of drivers.

It was.

Clarified that is.

Sort of.

Today's update is that it only applies to Sharjah and that 86 categories of workers are affected. The full list of banned catagories will be 'issued soon.'

Someone jumped the gun by the sound of it, and also picked a nice round number out of the air. "One hundred sounds good."

They don't even have the list of catagories ready, so stand by for more clarifications over the coming days.

Oh, and now some nurses can apply for a driving licence. But only those with a university degree...what that has to do with driving I can't imagine.

What about bakers? They're still on the banned list but suppose a baker has a university degree in something or other, will he be able to get a driving licence?

You can read the latest episode here.

There's also clarification on the ban-on-twenty-year-old-cars rule, which was due to take effect from today.

It's postponed.

The President himself has stepped in on that one

I quote:

...the decision was postponed in order to give enough time for people of low income who own such vehicles, to continue using them.

"Shaikh Khalifa's decision is timely and aims to allow concerned authorities to conduct more studies and come up with suitable bylaws to put the ministerial decision into effect"

Just so.

The story in Gulf News goes on to talk about which cars are affected, the buying, selling, registering and continued use of them...which I read a few times and gave up on, I simply don't understand (again!) what they're on about.

See what you make of it, it's here.


Dave said...

I look forward to the clarifications almost as much as I do the original announcements

But why do I always think of the old "Yes Minister" TV series when I read them?

Seabee said...

Sir Humphrey was clarity itself compared to the pronouncements here Dave!

Keefieboy said...

At least Sir Humphrey could THINK about the ramifications of any decision.

On the one hand, it has been brilliant for Dubai that things could happen really quickly because there was no need for consideration and debate. On the other hand, stuff happens without consideration and debate, and more often than not has to be taken back to the 'thinking board' before it can be made to work.

I used to admire the 'benevolent dictatorship' model, because it was working. Now it no longer works. Time for a spot of democracy, methinks. Sheikh Mo as honorary King, but the real work discussed and debated in a fully democratically elected Parliament, whose plebiscite to include all adult locals and adult residents of more than five years.

Radical, hey?

Seabee said...

Keefie, the key is thinking and planning before making announcements. Here we do it in reverse, make the announcements, then go back to thinking about it. Whether it's a democracy or an absolute monarchy, would that change?

Grumpy Goat said...

I wonder if Announcements are made deliberately to provoke debate?

Perhaps the lawmakers read the letters page of the Daily Record-Straightener and maybe even Blogs R Us to see what the plebiens think. Then there's the option of delaying the idea or dropping it. Or even embracing it if sufficient numbers object.