Monday, June 02, 2008

Service from Etisalat

I complain about Etisalat from time to time, with good reason, so I should also record when something is done well.

Yesterday evening I suddenly lost my connection - couldn't get to the 'net or e-mail.

So I called the help line.

First good point, I got through, it wasn't engaged.

The usual thing of a machine telling me which numbers to press to finally get to a human being.

A short wait, no more than a couple of minutes, because all the staff were 'busy helping other customers' and then I was talking to a helpful person.

He didn't jabber on in meaningless jargon, but quickly and efficiently ran me through the steps to take. That lead him to discover that the problem was somewhere at their end, they'd cut my connection somehow. (I expect someone tripped over a wire and pulled the plug out).

He said he'd get the engineers working on it and I should have my connection back within two hours.

In fact it was less than one hour.

The only part of the exercise I wasn't totally happy with was the call from the engineer to make sure I had the connection back.

That was at 6.30 this morning, just a tad early I thought.

4 comments: said...

Wow! I still can't get over that you called and the line wasn't engaged.

Seabee said...

That's the part that amazed me the most too!

dubaibilly said...

I do think that the techies who work the internet problems are usually pretty good, to be honest. It is rare that I have been let down by them when something has been genuinely wrong - of course that doesn't include the times when our delightful ISP won't tell us what is wrong, for instance when ships drag their anchors over cables and things.


Out and About in Dubai said...

Stories like these in Dubai are so rare that I got all warm and fuzzy in side just reading about it.